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Inclusion Solutions LLC


Inclusion Solutions was started in 2000 to offer businesses affordable systems for providing access, and customers with disabilities a dignified means of entry. They worked with business owners and advocates to develop an understanding of the realities of both sides of this issue, and common-sense solutions. Today they offer more than 300 accessibility products.

Their staff has years of experience speaking to organizations, business groups, government officials and others on issues of disability access. Contact them if you feel a presentation from Inclusion Solutions would be useful to your organization, helpful for your advocacy efforts, an important addition to your trade show, etc.

-Description modified from information on the organization's website viewed on 7/10/14 (http://www.inclusionsolutions.com/)

Contact Info:
Organization:Inclusion Solutions
Address:2000 Greenleaf Street, Suite 3
Evanston, IL 60202
Phone:847.869.2500; 1.866.232.5487 (toll free); 800.314.5232 (video relay for hearing user)

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