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Guardianship and Alternatives for Decision-Making Support

Authors: National Health Care Transition Center


This three page fact sheet reviews many considerations and options for youth who have intellectual disabilities and are transitioning into adulthood. While it acknowledges and explains the very restrictive options of guardianship, it also presents other options. You can download the entire fact sheet under the "Web Links" tab above, its conclusion offers these seven questions when evaluating whether some decision making support is necessary:

1. What kind of decision is being made?
2. Has the person made a decision like this before?
3. Has the person been assisted to understand the risks and benefits?
4. How big is the impact of this decision in the person's life?
5. How long would the person live with the decision?
6. How hard would it be to undo?
7. Most important: What is the least restrictive level of support that might work.

Information from the fact sheet:http://www.gottransition.org/UploadedFiles/Files/FA_GTFinalCompToSend.pdf

Contact Info:
Organization:The National Health Care Transition Center
Address:18 Low Avenue, Suite 1
Conord, New Hampshire 03301

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Download the fact sheet as a PDF file

Home page of the authoring organization, The National Health Care Transition Center

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