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Equity and Excellence in Higher Education: Universal Course Design


This website contains many tools helpful to college professors interested in making their courses accessible to all learners. Here is a definition of Universal Course Design (UCD):

"UCD is a set of strategies and practices that make courses more accessible for students. UCD addresses the diversity of students’ learning styles in today’s college classroom. It provides concrete strategies to vary the development of course curriculum, instruction, assessment, and teaching environment so all students have equal access to a course."

The website was created through a federal grant on UCD that was led by the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts/Boston. The grant ran from 2005-2008.

Here are some of the features of the website:
-There is a page with tips on writing a syllabus that follows the principles of UCD, along with many examples of well-designed syllabi.
-There are many PowerPoint tutorials on different aspects of UCD.
-There is a series of word documents that describe specific UCD instructional strategies.
- There is information about tools and technology instructors can use in facilitating UCD.

Description based, with definition copied from the website as viewed on 6/9/2014-Home page:http://www.eeonline.org/home

Contact Info:
Name:Molly Boyle

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Home page of the Equity and Excellence in Higher Education's Universal Course Design (UCD) Web site

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