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Concrete Change


Concrete Change is an international network whose goal is making ALL new homes visitable, not just “special” homes. Being at the party, the meeting, the family reunion . . . not isolated. Our method is policy, because the market alone is not enough to address the segregation, public health problems and fiscal waste of continuing to build houses with no access. We focus on three essentials that must become the default in home construction practice:

• One zero-step entrance, at the front, back or side of the house.
• All main floor doors, including bathrooms, with at least 32 inches of clear passage space.
• At least a half bath, preferably a full bath, on the main floor.

City by city, builder by builder, agency by agency….policy change has already begun in Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Georgia and many other locales. The Concrete Change website offers resources to help you take part in the quest for Visitability.

-Taken from the Concrete Change website viewed on 1/29/14 (http://concretechange.org/who-are-w/)

Contact Info:
Organization:Concrete Change
Address:600 Dancing Fox Road
Decatur, GA 30032

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