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Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month Resource Guide

Authors: Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning


This resource guide, created by the Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning, is a compilation of documents, articles and resources that provide information to help Jewish communities become more inclusive of people with disabilities. Sections of the resource guide include:

* Creating Community
* Ask the Question: How do Jewish Congregations, Agencies, Organizations and Schools in Your Community Welcome People with Disabilities?
* Jewish Disabilities Awareness: 50+ Programming and Action Ideas
* Low-Cost Accommodations for Accessibility in Your Congregation
* Resources
* Beyond Accommodation: The Need for the Truly Inclusive Community
* Saying Yes: The Story of Max Rubin and the Neve Shalom Nursery School
* Including Those with Disabilities in a Caring Community
* Inclusion in the Jewish Community: Dianne’s Story

-Information taken from the resource guide viewed online on 1/20/14 (http://jsped.org/docs/JDAM%20Resource%20Guide%202008-2009%20cover.pdf)

Contact Info:
Organization:Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning
Address:6101 Montrose Rd
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone:301-230-7200; TTY: 301-230-7260
Cost:No cost

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