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The mission of AccessibleTech.org is to promote full and unrestricted participation in business and society by persons with disabilities through the use of electronic information technology that is universally accessible. It does this by providing many interesting and informative articles.

Sections of the website include:

Accessible Technology
- E-Learning
- General
-Legal Issues
- Operating Systems
- Policy Issues
- Resources
- Self-Contained, Closed Products
- Software Applications
- Telecommunication Products
-Video and Multimedia Products
- Web-based Information and Applications

Assistive Technology
- General
- Legal Issues
- Policy Issues
- Telecommunications Products
- Web-based Information and Applications

-Employment FAQ
- Business FAQ
- Miscellaneous FAQ

- Regional ADA Centers
- Federal Agencies

Other Activities:
Provide information, problem solving assistance, and referrals for implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Accessible Information Technology.
Conduct outreach and region-wide dissemination of newsletters and materials to the business community.

-Information taken from AccessibleTech.org on 12/30/13

Contact Info:
Phone:800-949-4232 (Voice/TTY)

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Home page of AccessibleTech.org

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