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Funders Toolkit

Authors: Association of University Centers on Disability


This toolkit is designed to help funders who are interested in funding self-advocates and self-advocacy organizations. It provides them with a better understanding of how to best work with people who have intellectual/developmental disabilities as they seek funds to initiate or sustain self-advocacy activities. The toolkit's "Lessons Learned" cover every step of the grantmaking process, and consider the needs of people with a wide range of support needs.

The toolkit was developed as the result of recommendations from a set of self-advocacy summits and leadership gatherings of self-advocates and their partners. These were held in 2011-12 to collect information around self-advocacy activities and policies in each of the 56 U.S. states and territories. The toolkit can be downloaded at no cost, click on the "Web Links" tab above if interested. The "Lessons Learned" from the summits are organized under the following headings:
- Developing the Request for Applications
- Panel Review of Applications
- Funding Awards
- Ongoing Grant Management

The toolkit includes a nice set of "Language Accessibility" guidelines for funders to use when developing materials such as Requests for Proposals. It is appended with a sample contract agreement, invoice template, progress report form, and sub-contract agreement form.

Summary based on an online review of the document completed on 12/13/2013 at testaucd.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/funders-toolkit.pdf

Contact Info:
Organization:Association of University Centers on Disabilities
Address:1010 Wayne Avenue
Suite 920
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Web Links

Download the Toolkit (PDF)

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Home page of the publisher, Association of University Centers on Disabilities

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