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Away From the Public Gaze

Authors: Philip M. Ferguson, Ph.D., Diane L. Ferguson, Ph.D., Meredith M. Brodsky, Ph.D.


"Away From the Public Gaze" is a document that chronicles the history and resident experiences of the Fairview institution in Oregon. The institution opened in 1908, and this is an extensive document that explores professional, family,and resident experiences over the life of the institution.

Chapters include: Planning for the Institution, the Early Years of Expansion and Control, Early Family-Professional Interactions at Fairview, A Changing Role for Fairview, Voice of the Past, the Employees' Voice, Planning for the Future Use of the Fairview Building and Grounds. The entire report is available online, click on the "Web Links" tab above to go read it.

Contact Info:
Name:Philip Ferguson, Ph.D.
Organization:Chapman University
Phone:(714) 744-7617
Fax:(714) 744-7035

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