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Universal Design in the Workplace

Authors: Arlington/Alexandria Workforce Investment Board


This is a short 5-minute video produced by the Arlington/Alexandria Workforce Investment Board about how Universal Design can assist employees in the workplace. Universal design is the “design” of products and environments to be usable by anyone, not just individuals with disabilities, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. For the workplace, universal design is an approach that accommodates jobseekers and employees with disabilities through workplace design, while also reducing risks for employees who may develop disabilities during their career.

Universal Design is an innovative business strategy that enhances workplace efficiencies and provides the best accommodation for all employees. Universal Design stations are accessible for people who have mobility, visual, auditory, speech, learning or language needs.

-Description taken from the Arlington/Alexandria Workforce Investment Board website on 11/16/13 (www.alexandriaarlingtonwib.com)

Contact Info:
Name:David Remick
Title:Executive Director
Organization:Alexandria/Arlington Workforce Investment Board
Address:2100 Washington Blvd, First Floor
Arlington, VA 22204
Cost:No cost

Web Links

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