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Disability Behind Bars: Should the ADA Protect Prisoners?

Authors: New Mobility:Disability Culture & Lifestyle

ISBN: Vol. 9, No. 57

Sometimes people forget that America's prisons include many people who have disabilities. Often these prisoners are denied their most basic rights because prisons do not offer them any support related to their disability. This article has many stories about the lives of people with disabilities who are in prison.

Prinsoners with disabilities have been writing to activist Jean Stewart for years. The stories of their treatment are disturbing - attendant services denied, pressure sores neglected, equipment refused- and the basis for their rights is tenuous. A federal judge ruled that CA prisons must comply with the ADA and the Rehab Act of 1973 - and some institutions have complied- but prisons across the country have held themselves to be exempt from the ADA. After a barrage of complaints the Supreme Court will decide if disability rights belong behind bars.

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Name:New Mobility Magazine
Phone:(215) 675-9133 ext. 109
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ISBN:Vol. 9, No. 57
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