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Adult Family Homes and Family Home Agencies


Adult family homes (AFHs) are family residences for one or two adults with developmental disabilities. Family members become residents' alternate or extended families, and residents are included in day-to-day family activities. Family members also help to provide the services and supports necessary for residents to achieve individualized outcomes.

Family home agencies (FHAs) are private organizations that recruit and approve AFHs; visit AFHs at least monthly to ensure residents receive necessary services and supports; and provide ongoing training and education to AFH family members.

After FHAs carefully explore potential matches, individuals who formerly resided in large state or community institutions are able to move in with approved families, often returning to the same neighborhoods in which their natural families reside. Residents' daily activities include joining AFH family members for trips and holiday celebrations, working in neighborhood businesses, and socializing with friends and neighbors.

AFH/FHA reimbursement rates negotiated between California's regional centers and FHAs may not exceed rates paid for residents in licensed community care facilities. FHAs must also ensure that AFHs receive rate portions sufficient to provide services and supports specified in residents' individual program plans.

Since FHAs and AFHs are not licensed, regional centers which vendor FHAs to provide consumer services closely monitor FHA operations under explicit contracts. The Department of Developmental Services provides oversight, and processes required criminal record clearances for FHA staff and for all non-consumer adults residing in AFHs.

FHAs have been vendored to serve twelve regional center catchment areas. Program growth reflects the careful recruitment, training, and matching process.

Contact Info:
Organization:Community Services Division
Address:Programs and Policy Branch
California Department of Developmental Services
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone:(916) 654-2140

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