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Consent Handbook for Self-Advocates and Support Staff

Authors: Ed. Cathy Ficker Terrill

ISBN: 0-904898-69-1


"The Consent Handbook for Self-Advocates and Their Support Staff" allows self-advocates and their staff understand rights of people with developmental disabilities while making critical choices in their life. The book also covers options for people who cannot consent on their own and provides tools to help in such situations. Topics explored include community living, law, finding an attorney, guardianship, advance directive, appearing in court, consumer rights and responsibilities, sexuality and sexual expression, and creating a will. Each life area discussed includes a checklist for practical planning purposes.

As this product is being reviewed on 10/15/2013 it is no longer offered by the publisher, the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. There are copies available on Amazon.com and a few other websites.

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Cost:$14.95 (10/2013 on Amazon.com)

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