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The Americans with Disabilities Act: Questions and Answers

Authors: ADA National Network


This booklet is designed to answer commonly asked questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) through the amendments made in 2008. It can be downloaded in full text, just click on the "Web Links" tab above to find the link. The information is presented in question and answer format, the questions are organized into the following chapters:

- The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) of 2008
- Employment
- State and Local Governments
- Public Accommodations
- Miscellaneous

The booklet also has listing of telephone numbers and addresses for ADA information, as well as a listing of the ADA National Network Regional Centers.

Summary based on a review of the document as viewed online on 11/8/2013 at: adata.org/sites/cms.adata.org/files/files/ADANN_FAQbooklet_final.pdf

Contact Info:
Name:ADA National Network
Cost:No cost

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Send an email to the publisher, ADA National Network

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