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This app for a cell phone is particularly useful for people with limited mobility in their hands. The predictive text feature is very robust and the app is also compatible with Voice-over Accessibility features found on the iPhone. It is available in full-version as an iPhone app and in beta-version for Android phones.

Here is a description taken from the producer's website:

"What is Fleksy? -
Fleksy is an application that replaces your device’s on-screen keyboard.

It features an auto-correct system powerful enough to work even when you don’t look at the screen!

Powered by Syntellia’s patent pending technologies, Fleksy uses the familiar QWERTY layout, coupled with probably the most powerful text prediction engine out there.

How Fleksy works -

Fleksy allows users to type text on the familiar keyboard layout, by tapping on the screen. Our patent pending technology does not need accuracy – just tap on the screen and Fleksy will automatically detect the text you meant to enter even if you have missed every single key."

Contact Info:
Organization:Syntellia, Inc.

Web Links

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