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Best Practices of Accessibility in Parks and Recreation: A Delphi Survey of National Experts in Accessibility

Authors: Alison Voight, Gary Robb, Jennifer Skulski, Deborah Getz, and Debbie Scharven


This study, conducted by the National Center on Accessibility (NCA), used a modified Delphi process that surveyed a panel of experts to identify best practices in the delivery of recreation and leisure services. NCA conducts and facilitates research on issues critical to access in recreation environments and provides professionals with practical solutions to enhance access for visitors with disabilities. NCA Research has shaped the development of policy and accessibility standards nationally and internationally.

From the Abstract:
"More and more, recreation professionals contact NCA already armed with information on the minimum compliance requirements, but are now seeking information on best practices that exceed the minimum requirements, and are therefore more likely to achieve full inclusion. The need for specific information regarding the best method or that which exceeds the minimum standard has warranted this research study. Currently, no formal document with best practices information exists for practitioners seeking to exceed the minimum compliance requirements set forth under the ADA and other disability-related legislation..."

The study identified 13 best practices, here are a few examples:
- A best practice in accessibility includes practices that exceed the
minimum standards/guidelines for accessibility established by the
Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

- A best practice in accessibility includes the establishment of an
Accessibility Advisory Board (or similar group) which includes
persons with disabilities.

- A best practice in accessibility includes marketing materials and
program brochures that are accessibility-oriented for the promotion of
inclusion of persons with disabilities.

- A best practice in accessibility includes expenditures related to the
purchase of adapted equipment, services, and/or accessibility
improvement projects in the financial planning and budgeting process.

-Information taken from the NCA website viewed on 9/8/13 (https://scholarworks.iu.edu/dspace/handle/2022/3209)

Contact Info:
Organization:National Center on Accessibility
Address:501 North Morton Street, Suite 109
Bloomington, IN 47404-3732
Phone:(812) 856-4422; TTY: (812) 856-4421
Fax:(812) 856-4480
Cost:No cost

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