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MaKey MaKey

Authors: Jay Silver & Eric Rosenbaum


The MaKey MaKey invention kit was created by Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, final-year PhD students at the MIT Media Lab. Although not originally created as an accessibility tool, the MaKey MaKey allows users to make their own devices by using everyday objects to communicate with the computer to access mouse movement, mouse clicks and keys on the keyboard.

Description from a MaKey MaKey workshop:
"Every person with a disability is unique, but most assistive technology does not allow for much flexibility or adaptability. Instead, caregivers and individuals are forced to continually spend more and more money buying relatively small upgrades and more and more specialized equipment, most of which is not covered by insurance.

With the MaKey MaKey, caregivers can create physical interfaces on-demand that are not only adapted perfectly for their patient, but can be constructed from found or cheap material in direct collaboration with the patient. They can even create multiple interfaces for multiple tasks, without having to learn an entirely new system."

The kit Includes MaKey MaKey, Red USB Cable, 7 Alligator Clips and 6 Connector Wires and can be ordered directly from the MaKey MaKey website. View the links on under the "Web Links" tab above to find out more about how the MaKey MaKey can be used and how to purchase the kit.

-Workshop excerpt taken from a post on the MaKey MaKey forum viewed on 8/19/13 (www.makeymakey.com/forums/index.php?topic=13679.msg15109#msg15109)

Contact Info:
Organization:MaKey MaKey
Cost:$49.95 (plus $4.95 for shipping in the U.S.)

Web Links

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