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Cue You


CUE YOU is a scheduling and monitoring tool to promote the health and safety of people who need monitoring and support to maintain their independence. Designed with the assumption that the end user doesn't understand and might not feel comfortable using technology, CUE YOU lets a caregiver create a schedule of as many as 64 fully customized messages at a time to deliver to a person in need of assistance. The messages can include text, videos, audio files and photographs.

Mastering CUE YOU is very easy for the message recipient. Each message previews automatically, accompanied by a chirp or a vibration. To receive the entire message the recipient swipes the face of the device. When finished, a simple tap of the ‘I Got It!’ button triggers a ‘Thank You!’ screen; but - more importantly - it also triggers CUE YOU to send acknowledgement of the message to the website.

CUE YOU has a One Touch Emergency Calling feature, which is programmed by the caregiver to dial a personal contact or emergency medical services. The app also includes an optional 'Critical Text Alerts' feature permitting the app to generate and send an automatic text to the caregiver's mobile phone in the event a message the sender has designated as 'Critical' has been ignored after 30 minutes of repeated 'nagging' by the app.

-Information taken from the iTunes listing of the app viewed on 7/12/13 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cue-you-memory-help/id503579620?mt=8)

Contact Info:
Name:Sally Larrimer
Organization:Cue You LTD
Address:240 South Drexel Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43209-1741

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