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Understanding Health Experiences Of Women With Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Authors: Allison A Brown

ISBN: ISBN-10: 1243647345 ISBN-13: 978-1243647344


This book is a published dissertation that looked at the health concerns of women with intellectual disabilities as they grew older. The researcher used a qualitative, case study approach. Here is a description taken from the Barnes & Noble website:

"The experience of disability can significantly affect the process of aging for women, and as this population becomes more visible and empowered through policies that support greater community integration and longevity, they and their families, professionals, and advocates need more accurate information about their health concerns and options. A critical problem is that there is little documentation of the health concerns and experiences of these women from their own perspectives or from the perspectives of their care providers. This study explores aging and health experiences and concerns of women with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD), using a participatory approach that captured the direct reports of the women, in their own words and from their own perspectives. Four qualitative case studies were conducted in which the health experiences of women with I/DD were examined and informed by members of their health networks (family, agency staff, and health professionals) as key case informants. Findings indicated that the women had overall positive views of their health but lacked basic health knowledge and opportunities for decision-making and had concerns that conflicted with members of their health support networks. This study supports a community-based approach to developing a personal health/support network model for addressing the health needs of women with I/DD."

Information taken from: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/understanding-health-experiences-of-women-with-intellectual-developmental-disabilities-allison-a-brown/1111884927?ean=9781243647344

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ISBN:ISBN-10: 1243647345 ISBN-13: 978-1243647344

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