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Authors: Fiona Wilson


This is a functional communication app that is available for the iPhone, iPad Touch and iPad. It was designed to be simple to use and allows users to produce speech from tapping images on the screen. Unique to image2talk is that it completely eliminates the effort of having to navigate through menu or category pages. image2talk is based on the professional experiences of Fiona Wilson, a teacher working with teenage students with autism and learning disabilities.

Features of the app:
* Simple overview screen eliminating the need to navigate through category and menu pages
* Basic rows (yes/no, food, objects, clothes, etc) are already in image2talk
* Choose an image - it appears and speaks
* Easily customise image2talk at source to meet individual needs
* Import your own relevant imagery from the iPads Camera roll
* Create your own rows
* Save an image from the internet, computer or regular camera and import from Dropbox
* Any text entered can be generated as spoken text
* Set time delay for basic overview screen to reappear
* Choose to show text labels over the image
* Turn voice on/off
* Set time delay to meet individual needs
* Set a PIN to settings to prevent unwanted changes
* Display any number of rows
* Display any number of images within each row
* Change the order of rows
* Change the order of images within each row

-Information taken from the publisher's website viewed on 4/24/13 (http://image2talkapp.com/features.html)

Contact Info:
Name:Fiona Wilson

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Blog post about the app

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