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Active Treatment of Dementia Associated with Down Syndrome

Authors: Mark H. Fleisher, M.D.,

ISBN: SY98-789C


Assumedly, this CD contains the audio of a lecture given by Mark H. Fleisher, M.D., University of Nebraska, College of Medicine. You may click on the "Web Links" tab above to read an article written by Dr. Fleisher on a related topic, here is the description of the CD copied from the publisher's website (with bullets added to increase readability):

"- This presentation will demonstrate new active treatments for dementia associated with Down Syndrome. Clinical cases will be presented that highlight issues of diagnoses and treatments.

- This presentation will focus on topics that are clinically relevant and important to a large number of individuals, family members and clinicians. Treatment choices will focus on alleviating cognitive decline as well as mood and psychotic symptoms.

- The discussion will include the complex elements associated with dementia and [intellectual disability] and how they complicate an already difficult process."

Information taken on 4/15/2013 from: https://netforum.avectra.com/eweb/shopping/shopping.aspx?site=nadd&webcode=shopping&shopsearch=&shopsearchcat=merchandise&productcat=sy:cd&prd_key=6c756175-002c-4ccc-9bcb-39ff8f0436a0

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