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Authors: Raul Krauthausen


Wheelmap is a website and smartphone app that provides information about the wheelchair accessibility of places in the community. Users can can find, enter and modify accessible and less accessible locations on a virtual map. The application relies on users to add information about places they have visited or know about. Wheelmap started in Germany and is now available in several languages and countries around the world.

How it works:
The website is based on OpenStreetMap (free Wiki world map), which includes a few million existing points of interest such as restaurants, accommodation, shops, public transport and many more. Users can use this data (which is originally grey) and apply our ‘traffic-light-system’ to it; locations are either fully accessible (green), partially accessible (yellow) or not accessible at all (red). If you want to go one step further and add a new point of interest, you just need to register.

-Information taken from a Disability Horizons interview with Raul Krauthausen, the founder of Wheelmap, viewed online on 4/1/13 (http://disabilityhorizons.com/2012/07/accessible-map-across-london/)

Contact Info:
Organization:SOZIALHELDEN e.V.
Address:c/o ImmobilienScout24
Andreasstraße 10
Berlin 10243

Web Links

iTunes Listing for the App

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Interview with the Founder

Wiki page about Wheelmap

Wheelmap Website

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