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Improving the Accessibility of Social Media in Government


On this website are a set of recommended, baseline strategies to improve the accessibility of government social media. These initial recommendations are categorized by tool:

Part 1: Recommendations for Improving Accessibility of Social Media
*Tips for Making Facebook Posts Accessible
*Tips for Making Tweets Accessible
*Tips for Making YouTube Videos Accessible

Part 2: Resources, Training, and How to Provide Feedback
NOTE: These recommendations are presented in a “living, open document” designed to progressively evolve based on continuous feedback from all areas of social enterprise, as new methods and tools become available. Agencies, organizations, and citizens are encouraged to expand this content with recommendations for other tools. They are the beginning of a shared inter-agency approach to this emerging field, one that will allow agencies to collectively advance towards better accessibility to public services through social programs for citizens.

The strategies were created by the Federal Social Media Community of Practice, a working group spearheaded by the Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy. The purpose of this group is to curate and share best practices so agencies can ensure their social media content is accessible to people with disabilities. It also will work with social media platform and tool developers, citizens and partners to encourage greater accessibility.

-Taken from the HowTo.gov website viewed on 3/29/13 (www.howto.gov/social-media/using-social-media-in-government/improving-accessibility)

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