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Big Launcher


This app is designed with consideration for seniors and the visually impaired to provide maximum readability and easy use. It replaces the stock home screen of a smartphone with one that's large, easy to read, and easy to operate.

Features of the app:

*Large texts and color coded icons help to easily distinguish between items

*Large buttons are easy to use and are controlled by single touches

*Quickly access favorite contacts from the menu or by putting them directly on a home screen. Browse through the call history and easily call back or reply with a message.

*The whole interface can also be controlled by hardware keyboard or via Tecla wheelchair interface. This enables users to have full and precise control of the smartphone without touching the screen.

*Set up an unlimited number of screens with apps, contacts, shortcuts or widgets.

-Information taken from the publisher's website viewed on 3/3/13 (http://biglauncher.com/features/en/)

Contact Info:
Organization:Big Launcher

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