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My Life! My Story!

Authors: Alex Smith


This app for the iPad is a structured way for people with intellectual disabilities to begin to create their own story using a paintbox of colors, graphic visual stickers, and words to tell readers about their lives: what is important to each author, what is important for the author, cool things about themselves as a positive introduction to readers, and surprises we may learn about the author's preferences, and how to best support the author to have great days or prevent a hard day. And when a book is finished, the author can share their autobiography to the autobio.us website and share their work with the world. Michael Smull helped to create it.

-Taken from the iTunes listing viewed on 3/13/13 (itunes.apple.com/us/app/autobio.us/id451079245?mt=8)

Contact Info:
Name:Michael Smull

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