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Parking Mobility


This app was developed by Parking Mobility, a community-based non-profit organization which brings citizens and their cities together to address the abuse of illegal parking in spaces reserved for people with disabilities. The parking mobility app allows citizens to report a violation with 3 quick and simple photos using their smart phone. The report is immediately sent to the city, and the city tickets the vehicle using the violation report. When the city collects the fine, Parking Mobility puts up to 20% of the fine into the nonprofits in your community to provide education and awareness to further solve the problem. This app is free and is available for the Android, iPhone and Blackberry platforms.

-Information obtained from the Parking Mobility website viewed on 3/2/13 (www.parkingmobility.com/how-it-works)

Contact Info:
Organization:Parking Mobility
Address:3800 North Lamar Blvd
Suite 730-175
Austin,, Texas 78756
Fax:(512) 870-9353

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Homepage of Parking Mobility Website

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