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PACER Assistive Technology Videos


These short online videos explain how technology is helpful to people with disabilities. They are organized into three different series:

Simply Said- These short videos explain complicated topics in easy to understand language. For example there are Simply Said videos explaining what Accessible Instructional Materials are as well as what assistive technology is.

AT in Action- These short videos show people with disabilities who use assistive technology to communicate

AT minute videos- These short videos provide a demonstration of different technology devices.

Description based on a review of the video features completed on 4/13 at http://www.pacer.org/stc/videos/

Contact Info:
Organization:PACER Center, Inc.
Address:8161 Normandale Blvd.
Bloomington, MN 55437
Phone:888.248.0822; 952.838.0190 (TTY)

Web Links

Videos on the PACER Website

PACER Email Contact Information

Homepage of PACER

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