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Addressing Cognitive and Functional Decline

Authors: Lucille Esralew, PhD,

ISBN: AG11-1209C


This is a CD ROM, here is a description taken from the producer's website:

"This workshop will explore the phenomenon of functional change within the population of adults who are aging with intellectual disability. Observation of early indicators of change can result in individuals receiving clinical assessment, supports and interventions earlier in the process of decline. The facilitator will highlight reasons for decline, specify strategies that family and professional caregivers can use to identify and document significant change and link these to actionable steps."

Information taken from: https://netforum.avectra.com/eweb/shopping/shopping.aspx?pager=2&site=nadd&webcode=shopping&prd_key=a36f97ea-f27d-4bb8-b2ea-20f121ed63e5

Contact Info:
Organization:The NADD
Address:132 Fair Street
Kingston,, NY 12401

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