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Ldn Access

Authors: David Biddle


An app that helps people with disabilities easily find where there are step-free access ramps, usable toilet facilities, accessible parking and other services for the people with disabilities.

The main menu allows you to choose from Attractions, Hotels, Places to Eat, Entertainment, and Transport. After selecting from the main menu, your options are broken down into smaller categories. For example, clicking on Attractions lets you choose from Music Venues, Casinos, Museum and Art Galleries, or Historic Places. A further click on one of these options will then give you a list of places such as Wembley Stadium or Buckingham Palace, depending on what you're looking for. The app is also location-based, and can therefore determine where you are in relation to any of the venues you wish to visit. However, no wi-fi signal is required to access the information in the program.

As of February, 2013 this app is only available for apple products.

-Information taken from Gizmag's article about the app viewed online on 2/21/13 (www.gizmag.com/city-accessibility-disability-app/21470)

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