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Training Faces


The app is designed to help people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and other individuals with special needs with emotion recognition, a skill that often eludes people with disabilities. In this app you play a game where you take train trips around the world. The app is geared to help in three distinct ways; improve recognition of the emotion, the meaning behind the emotion and then the speed at which the individual can interpret the emotion. A percentage of each download goes to Autism charities.

From the creators of the app:
Our son Jack was diagnosed with Autism when he was approximately two years old. He was diagnosed as moderate to severely Autistic. He is now a 21 year old who plays in the university orchestra, drives a car, performed at Carnegie Hall with his high school orchestra and with his sister arranged the music for “Training Faces.” We have used every bit of knowledge we learned with helping Jack into creating this app and hope to create many more. He is now considered to have high functioning Autism or Asperger’s. He still has many challenges in front of him, but he is an incredible young man!

Why Training…Why Faces? - Our son and many other kids who we know with ASD love trains and so I thought let’s use that vehicle to get them into the game. Faces, well we know that he struggles with recognizing what a person’s expression says to him. If he and others afflicted with ASD, could get just a little better at this, their social skills could be greatly improved and thus their social life.

-Information taken from the app listing on iTunes and the Training with Gaming website, both viewed on 2/20/13 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/training-faces/id522989729?mt=8; www.trainingwithgaming.com/About-Us.html)

Contact Info:
Organization:Training with Gaming Inc.

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