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Apps for Autism: An Essential Guide to Over 200 Effective Apps

Authors: Lois Jean Brady, M.A., CCC-SLP


Written by a speech and language pathologist, this book reviews more than 200 apps, with each review including recommendations on how it can be used to assist people on the autism spectrum in building their skills in both educational and therapy contexts. For those unfamiliar with apps, the book provides sections on how to get started, including: Choosing an iDevice, Basic iDevice Operations, Opening an Account, and How to Download an App from iTunes. There is also a companion website on which the author maintains a blog and adds descriptions/reviews as new apps are introduced that make the grade(Click on the"Web Links" tabs above to access it). Here is an excerpt copied from the publisher's description of the book:

"Lois (referring to author Lois Jean Brady) believes that all persons on the spectrum can learn how to use technology in a way that is relevant to them. She shares tips on how to use apps responsibly and effectively by maintaining a child-centered, team approach to teaching and learning, taking into account the individualís interests, strengths/challenges, vision, motor planning, attention, sensory processing, memory, cognitive ability, environment, and access to tools. Lois also coaches adults on how they can use prompting and reinforcement techniques to help establish and generalize skills learned, until students are able to consistently demonstrate the skills in various environments (home, school, etc.)."

Here is a sampling of the many issues cited by the publisher as those that apps can address:
*Voice Output
*Listening and Auditory Processing
*Concept Development
*Eye Contact and Body Language
*Activities of Daily Living
*Aphasia, Apraxia & Dysarthria
*Music, Songs & Creativity
*Information about Autism
*Eating Gluten Free"

-Description modified from that on the publisher's website viewed on 2/20/13 (http://fhautism.com/apps-for-autism-an-essential-guide-to-over-200-effective-apps.html)

Contact Info:
Organization:Future Horizons
Address:721 W. Abram St.
Arlington, TX 76013
Phone:817.277.0727 or 800.489.0727

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