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The Toronto Declaration on Bridging Knowledge, Policy and Practice in Aging and Disability

Authors: Jerome Bickenbach, Christine Bigby, Luis Salvador-Carulla, Tamar Heller, Matilde Leonardi, Barbara LeRoy


This report came out of the 2011 Growing Older with a Disability Conference held in Toronto, Canada. During the conference, there was much discussion about the challenges in supporting increasing numbers of elders as well as supporting people who have disabilities. The report details many trends in both areas, as well as their implications. The solution arrived at was a need to bridge knowledge and practice in supporting these two populations. Click on the web links tab above to read the entire report, based on conference findings, the following assertions were developed:

-National and international bridging of aging and disability knowledge, policy and practice must be actively promoted.

-Bridging is composed of several activities which must occur simultaneously, at multiple levels of knowledge development, policy and
practice, and include disability and aging stakeholder groups.

-Building effective bridges across aging and disability knowledge, policy and practice requires interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement with national and international decisionmakers.

-Connecting the field of aging and disability will require development of a clear model of bridging.

-Bridging requires developing a common terminology and knowledge base.

The following were identified as priorities:

-Health and well-being

-Inclusion, participation and community

-Long-term supports and services

-Income security

-Science of bridging

The above information is from the article as viewed online on 2/28/13 at www.ijic.org/index.php/ijic/article/view/1086/1923

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