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Thinking About Inclusion: Taking personal and corporate responsibility for welcoming everyone

Authors: Christine Burke and Simon Goldsmith


This booklet helps organizations make their services inclusive for all people. It includes exercises and activities to help organizational leaders and their staff think about things that could exclude people who might use the services they provide (building based and non-building based). Also included is a toolkit to help organizations assess their practice and develop an action plan that will make the organisation accessible to all and expand their customer base.

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-Description was modified from the introduction of the booklet viewed online on 11/17/12 (www.learningdisabilities.org.uk/content/assets/pdf/publications/thinking_about_inclusion1.pdf?view=Standard)

Contact Info:
Organization:Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
Address:Colechurch House
1 London Bridge Walk
London, England SE1 2SX
Phone:011+44+020 7803 1100
Cost:No Cost

Web Links

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