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Aging with Severe Mental Illness

Authors: Lucille Esralew, PhD

ISBN: AG12-1217C


This CD contains a presentation by Lucille Esralew, PhD, who is a practicing psychotherapist in New Jersey. Here is a description taken from the producer's website:

"Older individuals who suffer from severe mental illness experience excess disability in addition to the challenges posed to them by their intellectual and/or developmental disability. The condition of aging itself and the chronicity of mental health condition impacts upon multiple areas of functioning and can effects quality of life.
This workshop will explore the unique challenges of assessment, services and supports to this multiply challenged population."

Information copied on 8/6/12 from: netforum.avectra.com/eweb/shopping/shopping.aspx?site=nadd&webcode=shopping&prd_key=f44425f7-2742-4cff-a644-21609a6c91b8

Contact Info:
Organization:The NADD
Address:132 Fair Street
Kingston,, NY 12401

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