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Ageing and its Consequences for People with Down’s Syndrome A Guide for Parents and Carers

Authors: Tony Holland (University of Cambridge), Marie Benton (Down’s Syndrome Association of the United Kingdom)


This 16-page guide is written to caregivers and reviews issues common to elders who have Down syndrome. Prepared by the Down Syndrome Association of the United Kingdom the text is written at an approximately 12th grade reading leading level with British language influences (e.g., spelling of “Ageing” in the title). Click on the “Web Links” to download a PDF version of the entire booklet with its many color pictures. Its contents are organized under the following major headings:

- Social change

- Biological change

- Positive steps you can take

- Further Information (a listing of resources mostly specific to the United Kingdom).

Description based on an online review of the full booklet completed on 8/27/12 at www.downs-syndrome.org.uk/images/stories/DSA-documents/Publications/health/ageing_and_consequences.pdf

Contact Info:
Organization:Down Syndrome Association of the United Kingdom
Address:Langdon Down Centre
2A Langdon Park
Teddington,, Middlesex TW11 9PS
Phone:0845 230 0372
Fax:0845 230 0373

Web Links

Direct link to the guide on aging

Home page of the Down Syndrome Association of the United Kingdom

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