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My Future, My Plan


This curriculum was originally developed in 2002 and is now available from two different sources. Here is a description of each:

Workbook -
There is a 208-page student workbook available from the Training Resource Network that starts off with a series of questions to help students figure out what their visions is for their future. In the chapters that follow, students and their families can look up more information and ideas on the areas where they have questions. There are many topics covered in the workbook such as self-advocacy; legal rights; the IEP and the transition team; how to explore career options, finding career and job training resources, college and vocational school; adult services; health and health services, transportation; and housing.

Video -
There is a 30 minute video available from the Institute on Community Integration that shows the stories of three inspiring students and how they overcome barriers to achieve their goals. Their stories of determination motivate students to explore their own options for the future and achieve them.

Contact Info:
Cost:$29.00 for workbook, $25.00 for DVD

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