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The Ramp Project - A Community Partnership


The Ramp Project was initiated in 1991 by the Minnesota Department of Economic Security's Division of Rehabilitation Services, the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the Minnesota Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The Ramp Project developed a plan for ramps that are safe and sturdy, do not cost a lot of money to build, can be built in winter or summer, and work well at most people's homes. The ramp design is modular, meaning it is put together in pieces, and the design does not require concrete footings.

The Ramp Project has both a manual and a video tape available for purchase, which include all the information necessary to build a wheelchair ramp. The manual costs $15.00, the videotape $20.00. The information in the manual includes a building plan and a list of all necessary materials and tools. The 59-minute video, "The Ramp Project Teleconference," covers a national teleconference held in March of 1996 and shows how to build a ramp. The Ramp Project also provides ideas for finding persons in the community to help with building a ramp and keeping costs down.

Contact Info:
Organization:Metropolitan Center for Independent Living
Address:530 Robert Street N
St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone:651/603-2029, 651/646-8342
Cost:The Ramp Manual and DVD are sold at $20.00

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