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Tom Nerney


Together with 17 other Center for Self-Determination Resource Guides we provide training and technical assistance on all aspects of self-determination including: developing highly personal individual budgets and plans; crafting Medicaid waivers that promote both self-determination and work as well as improved quality of life; creating brokering as a new support to individuals with disabilities; and rethinking quality assurance programs that accent real life outcomes based on universal human aspirations and not "satisfaction" with human services. We pioneer ways for states, counties and other human service authorities as well as providers to offer better benefits while realizing true cost effectiveness with public dollars.

The Center offers an enewsletter, guidebooks on relevant topics associated with self-determination and a wealth of experience in implementing real systems reform.

Contact Info:
Organization:Center for Self-Determination
Address:35425 Michigan Ave. W. Wayne, MI 48184
52 Lake Drive N
New Fairfield, CT 06812

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