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The Centre for Welfare Reform


The Centre for Welfare Reform is a social science research organization operating in the United Kingdom that addresses a wide range of social issues across all populations. Its founder, Simon Duffy, has a strong background in person-centered planning that has led to his awareness and the organizations’ focus on issues near and dear to the hearts of those interested in person-centered supports and people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Some research focuses have included:

- Flexible Support - Developing guidance on how to help organisations supporting disabled people to working more flexibly and effectively.

- Innovations in Housing - Exploring how to help people, especially those are risk of institutionalisation, gain access to ordinary housing options.

- Person Centred Planning - Leading practitioners explore the lessons of person centred planning and how best to avoid its corruption.

- The Need for Roots - John O'Brien and Simon Duffy led an international programme to explore the deeper roots to our work.

Click on the "Web LINKS' tab above to go to the home page of the Centre for Welfare Reform and learn about all of its interesting work. Once there, check out the:

- Projects tab to find the list of current projects the Centre is working on.

- Library tab to find online versions of the many reports and articles the Centre has produced. There is an option to filter the extensive database by the term "disability."

- Store tab to find purchasing information for the many books published by researchers associated with the Centre.

Description based on a review of the website, with project descriptions copied. Completed on 11/17/2015 @ www.centreforwelfarereform.org.uk/

Contact Info:
Organization:The Centre for Welfare Reform
Address:36 Rose Hill Drive, S20 5PN
Sheffield S20 5PN
Phone:+44 114 251 0228

Web Links

Home page of Centre for Welfare Reform

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