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ADA Building Blocks

Authors: Center for Assistive Technology & Environmental Access


"ADA Basic Building Blocks" is an introductory web-based curriculum about the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) that explores the legal requirements and spirit of the ADA. The course content is self-paced and organized into 12 topics, which are designed to be studied in order. Students can earn a certificate and 0.5 continuing education units (CEU) if they meet ALL established Certificate and CEU Requirements.

Registration is free and creates a login needed each time the course is used. It will also be confidentially used to track one's progress within the course and verify eligibility for the course certificate and 0.5 CEU.

The course is designed to provide the basic principles and core concepts of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). The specific course objectives are:

- Discuss the purpose of the ADA using a civil rights framework.
- Identify the five titles of the ADA.
- Define the general nondiscrimination requirements of the ADA.
- Explain each nondiscrimination requirement using 1-2 real-life examples.
- Identify the defenses or limitations of each nondiscrimination requirement.
- Become familiar with various resources for information on the ADA.
- Earn a Certificate and CEU.

Content of Course

The course is organized into 12 sections, which are referred to as "topics". Each topic contains relative information among two to twelve pages as well as numerous real-life examples and self-tests to help you apply what you've learned . Where possible, relevant court cases and additional "Tell Me More" resources are cited. A "Glossary of Terms" and "Course Resources" are also available throughout the course.

The twelve topics of the course in order are:
1. Purpose of the ADA (7 pages)
2. Structure of the ADA (3 pages)
3. Enforcement of the ADA (5 pages)
4. Cross-cutting Issues - Definition of Disability (9 pages)
5. Cross-cutting Issues - Nondiscrimination Requirements (7 pages)
6. Cross-cutting Issues - Nondiscrimination Requirements (5 pages)
7. Title I - Employment (12 pages)
8. Title II - State and Local Government (6 pages)
9, Title III - Public Accommodations (11 pages)
10. Title IV - Telecommunications (1 page)
11. Title V - Miscellaneous Provisions (1 page)
12. Course Wrap-Up (2 pages)

Contact Info:
Organization:Southeast Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center
Address:Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access
Georgia Institute of Technology
Phone:800-949-4232 (v/tty)

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