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SAFE BEGINNINGS: Protecting Our Children from Sexual Abuse

Authors: Orieda Horn Anderson and Shirley Paceley

ISBN: 1-931568-20-0

Safe Beginnings includes information about keeping young children safe from sexual abuse. It includes information on teaching children self-respect, self-esteem, sexuality and safety. It contains adaptations for children with disabilities and skills to teach children that empower them to set boundaries and to report uncomfortable touch. Includes information for child care professionals.

Safe Beginnings is an "inclusive" parenting book which focuses on skill development and creating safe environments for preschool children. It includes ideas for social change, what to do if your child is abused, resources for teaching prevention skills, skills to teach young children and strategies to teach the skills, adaptations for children with disabilities, and specific information for child care professionals. In addition, it addresses socialization of boys and girls related to reducing violence. Safe Beginnings is a healthy, affirming, "how-to" book which may reduce the risk of sexual abuse of all children, with and without disabilties.

Contact Info:
Name:Shirley Paceley
Title:SAFE BEGINNINGS: Protecting Our Children From Sexual Abuse
Organization:Blue Tower Training Center
Address:PO Box 2760
Decatur, IL 62526

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