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Dare to Dream for Adults

Authors: Kristine Wiest Webb, Joshua Peller


"Dare to Dream for Adults" is a guide offered in a workbook format that helps adults with developmental disabilities define and delineate their dreams, desires, and needs in their lives. Each section provides exercises and activities on topics such as career choice, medical needs, hobbies and interests, finances, networking, transportation, and housing.

In addition to exercises and activities, resources and websites have been included to provide further information on topics.

The book is illustrated by Mike Phillips and co-authored by Joshua Peller. Both are adults with disabilities who have followed their dreams and desires.

The book is available online for viewing as a pdf file, click on the "Web Links" tab above to download a free copy.

Contact Info:
Organization:Clearinghouse Information Center,Bureau of Instructional Supportand Community Services, Florida Department of Education
Address:Room 628 Turlington Bldg.,
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400
Phone:(850) 245-0477 or Suncom: 205-0477
Fax:(850) 245-0987 or Suncom: 205-0987

Web Links

Download the pdf file here. The file size is 26 MB.

Learn more about the publisher, The Florida Department of Education, Exceptional Student Education

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