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Roll-A-Ramp is a lightweight portable ramp that provides virtually unlimited mobility to wheelchair and scooter users. The ramps are made of aircraft quality aluminum and completely anodized to provide strength and durability. For example, an eight foot ramp can hold between 1,000 and 2,000 pounds while weighing only 25 to 45 pounds. All ramps also come with an unprecedented 10 year warranty.

Some of the features of a Roll-A-Ramp are:

Does not require floor or suspension modification
Manual ramps require minimal to zero installation, no other items needed
Ramps can be used in manual or Auto-Fold mode
Ramps can easily be exchanged from one van to another van (increased trade value) with little effort or expense
Single wire electrical hookup for Auto-Fold
Remote control available to fully automate ramps (no caregiver needed)
Manual disconnect fail safe system
Constructed of aerospace quality aluminum
Completely anodized for rust-proof longevity
Lightweight, yet strong (an eight foot ramp weighs between 42 & 45 lbs and will hold 1,100 lbs without supports)
Multiple use i.e., from home to van to location to be visited
All ramps are covered by 10 year warranty

Roll-A-ramps can be viewed at www.rollaramp.com. Roll-A-Ramp can be reached toll-free at 866-883-4722 or via e-mail at sales@rollaramp.com.

Contact Info:
Name:Greg Moll
Title:National Sales Manager
Address:601 West Main Avenue
Fargo, ND 58078
Fax:701 277 7283
Cost:Varies depending on length and width

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