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Ability Tools


Ability Tools is a statewide project that provides access to and information on assistive technologies and services, enabling people with disabilities the opportunity to be successful, independent and productive.

Click on the "Web Links" tab above to go to the Ability Tools website. It offers information on many of the services provided by Ability Tools. These include:
-AT Advocates-Ability Tools has staff members available at California's local Centers for Independent Living who can assist people with disabilities in identifying and obtaining the kinds of assistive technology that will help them the most.
-The AT Exchange-Ability Tools has set up an online marketplace where people with disabilities can buy and sell assistive technology devices.
-AT Service Directory-The Ability Tools website includes a directory of local agencies throughout California who can assist people with disabilities in obtaining the kinds of assistive technology they need.
-AT Assistive Technology reuse centers-Ability Tools has a network of centers where people can drop off gently used assistive technology devices that others may benefit from. Ability Tools also has programs to help people with disabilities with small grants to purchase assistive technology devices they need but cannot afford.

This is a sampler of the many services provided by Ability Tools. It is based on a review of information on their website on 7/14/16, http://abilitytools.org/landing/services-nav.php

Contact Info:
Organization:Ability Tools
Address:1000 G Street, #100
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone:800-390-2699, 800-900-0706 TTY

Web Links

Visit the home page of Ability Tools

See the menu of the services they provide

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