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Arkansas Increasing Capabilities Access Network (ICAN)


ICAN, Increasing Capabilities Access Network, is a program of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services. ICAN was set up to help build a bridge between people with disabilities who need technology information and those who provide it. While ICAN does not directly offer assistive technology (AT), or tools for living, learning and working, it has built a statewide network of resources related to assistive devices. ICAN programs include a clearinghouse for selling, borrowing or donating AT,information and referral,a low-interest loan program, and a telecommunications access program.

Additional resources at this website include:

Funding Guide -- A guide to the Arkansas' service delivery system -- what's available, how to access the service, and how to appeal.

Fact Sheets -- Twelve fact sheets in Adobe Acrobat, all concerning AT.

AT Links -- Resources on the web that the ICAN project staff find useful.

Medicaid and AT -- A quick guide to accessing AT through the Medicaid State Plan.

Map to ICAN -- A map in Adobe Acrobat to help you find the physical location of ICAN.

Contact Info:
Organization:Arkansas Increasing Capabilities Access Network (ICAN)
Address:2201 Brookwood
Little Rock, AR 72202
Phone:1-800-828-2799 (V/TTY)

Web Links

Home page of the Arkansas Increasing Capabilities Access Network (ICAN)

Home page of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services

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