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Peter's New Home (From the "Books Beyond Words" series)

Authors: Sheila Hollins and Deborah Hutchinson


This book uses drawings with a background story to explain the transition from living at home with parents and family, to having a place to live as an adult. It is written in a manner designed to be understandable to people across a range of intellectual abilities.

The book uses the story of Peter, who decides to move out of his parent’s house to live in a group home. It takes time to adjust and sometimes Peter feels homesick.

This book is part of The Royal College of Psychiatrists “Books Beyond Words” series. Most are available by purchase only, but this and two other titles can be downloaded in their entirety since they are out of print. “The stories are told through colour pictures that include mime and body language, to communicate simple, explicit messages. These help 'readers' to cope with emotions and events such as going to the doctor, bereavement, sexual abuse and depression.” Each book is set-up so a person with disabilities can page through it with a support person. At the back there are instructions telling the support person the story behind the pictures and how to use the book to talk about difficult and/or complex life experiences.

Summary based on an online review of the full book, with excerpts regarding the series taken from The Royal College of Psychiatrists website viewed on 8/31/11
URL for the book itself: http:// http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/publications/booksbeyondwords/bbwonlineversions/petersnewhome/petertext.aspx

Description of the series: http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/publications/booksbeyondwords/aboutbbw.aspx

Contact Info:
Organization:Books Beyond Words, LLC
Address:1-10 Keeley Street
Covent Garden
London WC2B 4BA
Cost:10 British Pounds (approximately $13.60 US as of 1/8/2018)

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