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This website works to help people with disabilities be successful in using cell phones and smart phones. The website breaks accessibility down into the five areas of: (1) vision, (2) hearing, (3) mobility/manipulation, (4) speech, and (5) cognition. For each of these areas, there is a complete description of all of the features that can be included on a phone to assist the user, several frequently asked questions, and training videos that show how accessibility features on phones can work.

The website also has a database of phones that is searchable by their accessibility features. This brings phones up in order of the accessibility features needed by the user, and reports on whether or not the phone has each of the possible accessibility features. The database also allows users to compare the features of up to three different phones. Finally, the database has similar information available about tablets.

The goal of this website is to be useful for people with disabilities, for seniors, as well as for people who work in the industry and need to respond to customer questions about accessibility.

Contact Info:
Name:Katie Tourtillottee
Organization:AccessWireless.org/ Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association
Address:1250 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20036
Phone:202-785-0081 TTY/ 202-736-3880

Web Links

Visit the homepage of the Access Wireless website

Review their guide to purchasing a phone

Go to the database to search for phones and tablets

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