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pleasure ABLE Sexual Device Manual for Persons with Disabilities

Authors: Kate Naphtali, Edith MacHattie, MOT, Stacy L. Elliott, MD, under the supervision of Dr. Andrei Krassioukov, MD, Ph.D, FRC PC


This manual is written primarily for people whose physical disabilities interfere with sexual activity. The information is presented in a large, easy to read font that is written at an undergraduate college level. The booklet approaches topics that may seem sensitive, and openly discusses sexual practices that may seem offensive to some. The entire guide can be downloaded for free, click on the "Web Links" tab above to do so now.

Following is a description of the guide, from the introduction:

"This manual was created as a practical resource for persons with disabilities and health care clinicians who work with these clients. It includes research, clinical expertise, and product information to aid with dialogue surrounding sexual and reproductive issues and disabilities. The information presented here is not prescriptive, and the specific products not recommended per se, but are meant to provide examples and illustrations of some of the potential options that can be introduced into the sexual practices of the individual or be used as an adjunct in the discussions of sexuality and disability by the health care clinician. The devices included are a sampling of what is available (in Canada) in 2009."

How the manual is laid out:
The first large section (10 pages) provides an introduction to sexual activity for persons with disabilities. The major topic areas covered are: 1) Purpose and target audience; 2) Overview of the Health Care Clinicians that can address sexual rehabilitation?; 3) A review of basic anatomy, and disability-specific perspective on issues of safety and integrating sexual activities into day-to-day life, and 4) Devices for Different Physical Abilities, and further Adaptations of Devices

The second section, titled “Positioning for Sexual Activity” (5 Pages) reviews sexual positions (including one that integrates a wheelchair, available personal lubricants, and steps to assure Safe Sex

The final four sections are very similar and, taken together, are the longest (22 pages). Each reviews devices organized according to: 1) Devices for Penetration, 2) Harnesses, 3) Positioning Products, and 4) Hands Free. For each product, there is a color photograph, and then bulleted information organized under these headings:
- Description
- Price
- Cleaning
- Safety
- Special Considerations:

IMPORTANT, The manual offers the following two disclaimers up front:

Disclaimer: The devices and ideas discussed in this manual are examples, and not specific recommendations, of products chosen to illustrate potential sexual options for persons with disabilities.

Warning: The authors do not take responsibility for any harm or injury caused by using the devices included in the manual, and persons and clinicians must be aware of the individual’s specific body abilities and sensations, and weigh the risks and benefits of utilizing any product or suggestion.

Information taken from: http://www.dhrn.ca/files/sexualhealthmanual_lowres_2010_0208.pdf

Contact Info:
Name:Stacy L. Elliott, MD
Organization:G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre
Address:4255 Laurel Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, V5Z 2G9
Cost:Manual can be downloaded for free

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