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Adaptive Clothing, Incontinence Products & Adult Bibs


From the website:

"Professional Fit Clothing is a resident centered care company that specializes in mealtime products that promote independence and dignity while dining. Our goal is to provide individuals with choices that replace the old fashioned institutionalized looking bibs. Our unique styles include designs that look like vests, button down shirts, flannel shirts, and t-shirts. Our protectors look like clothing but function like a bib. Professional Fit Clothing is quickly becoming the resident's choice at mealtime. We also provide Adaptive Clothing for people with disabilities and we offer several clothing solutions for people with various behaviors like tearing, undressing and incontinence too."

Contact Info:
Name:Kurt Rieback
Organization:Professional Fit Clothing, Inc.
Address:831 N. Lake St. # 1
Burbank, Ca 91502

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Clothing protectors that look like clothing but function like a bib

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