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PATH: Planning Positive Possible Futures (Second Edition)

Authors: Jack Pearpoint, John O'Brien, Marsha Forest

ISBN: 1-895418-10-0


If you are interested in and/or using PATH, this workbook is a must. The book outlines the PATH process in depth. According to those doing PATH, it is indispensable. One reader said "no matter how many PATHs I do, I always take it with me."

PATH is a creative planning tool which starts in the future and works backwards to an outcome of first (beginning) steps that are possible and positive. It is excellent for team building. It has been used to mediate conflicts. It is a tool for people who actually want to change the ways we currently work. Groups teaching PATH will hopefully have a copy for each student.

Audience: Anyone doing PATH. Relevant for all ages and all populations. Now in use by architects, small business firms, medical professionals, aboriginal communities and organizations, as well as educators and human service providers.

Contact Info:
Organization:Inclusion Press
Address:47 Indian Trail
Toronto, Ontario M6R 1Z8

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