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Circles of Support and Mutual Caring

Authors: Christine Towers


This five-page booklet provides a rationale, then walks readers through the steps in setting up a natural support network for families that include a person with an intellectual/developmental disability and an elderly parent. Click on the "Web Links" tab to download the entire guide as PDF file, here is the introduction:

"This booklet is for people who know older families, and particularly those where a person with an intellectual/cognitive disability and their older relative are giving essential support to each other. This is often known as ‘mutual caring’.

The aim is to encourage workers and others to think about the importance of support networks for these families and to develop Circles of Support to improve these."

The full guide includes:
- A Definition of "Circles of Support"
- A bulleted list on why these Circles are a good idea for families that rely on "mutual caring"
- A bulleted list on how Circles of Support can help such families
- A ten-point checklist with practical steps for setting up a Circle of Support
- A story that demonstrates how setting a Circle of Support helped one woman with IDD and her elderly mother

Note: Since this book is from England, the term "learning disability" is used
instead of "intellectual disability" or "developmental disability" commonly used in the United States.

Description based on an online review of the booklet completed on 12/29/2015 at www.learningdisabilities.org.uk/content/assets/pdf/publications/circles.pdf

Contact Info:
Organization:Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
Address:9th Floor Sea Containers House
20 Upper Ground
London SE 1 9QB
Phone:020 7803 1100
Fax:020 7803 1111

Web Links

Download the guide as a PDF file

Contact the publisher using their website

Visit the home page of the publisher, the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

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